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The Neglected Garden

Geez I just keep staring at Kuma from Taiwan’s newest piece of the double date like

  • Ruby’s little animal hood
  • Weiss’s bunny-print leggings
  • Yang’s black kitty necklace


Anonymous Asked:
are you and Emmy still doing Bleeding hearts? What about hunted and bitter drinks? I really enjoyed those as well :)

My answer:

Ahh yes Bleeding Hearts just updated a few days ago.

But as for the other two, those might be on pause for now. But I’m sure we’ll get back to them some day!! ^^

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hano-nano Asked:
PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL PERSON! Once you have received this award, you are supposed to paste it into the asks of eight people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it is sweet to know that someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. Have a lovely day!

My answer:

oooohhh asghdjskdfhdjsdfghdjsfgkgfd


A look at the upcoming month~


White Rose/White Rose, Monochrome, Freezerburn, White Rose, White Rose. Another Monochrome fic in the works atm.

**Grateful and The Princess And The Oaf are subject to swap places based on a certain person’s birthday.

***Also, When We Were Young and Prayers might swap, depending on how many more fics I write since then, as I want my 100th RWBY fic to be a certain story. I might do to When We Were Young what I did to Protecting The Rose and split a long oneshot into two shorter chapters and might spread this one out over 2 weeks, depending.

A single line from last week’s episode of RWBY sparked an idea for a fic. Here I am just having finished 32 pages for said idea the day before RWBY Tuesday heuhehehuuheue

Ruby | Weiss | Blake  


Ruby liking days with clear skies and Weiss preferring the grey ones.

Because they’re both secret unconditional saps who like looking out the window and seeing the color of their partner’s eyes.

uurgh this oneshot just reached 30 pages… i think i’ll divide it into a two-shot of 15-16 pages each


RWBY Volume 2: Trailer vs RWBY Volume 2: Chapter 1


RWBY - Weiss Schnee by AyaNyu


It’s not fair, I want to draw them 4 <3



In a few weeks I’m gonna be meeting up with himchanscutiebooty and we’re gonna do our Monochrome cosplays together~ so we decided if you guys wanna ask questions/poses you’d want us to do on that day, then ask me now and we’ll answer them with pictures and videos when we meet up! Like a one-day Monochrome ask blog :3

Ah, I made a blog for this! It’s the-cat-and-the-heiress, so if you have asks or requests for us, please send them here if you can! (If not, sending to me is still fine~)

Greetings, I am Hana, the Rose Writer, and I like warm hugs! I'm 20 and am most obsessed with RWBY. I love anime and I'm a 2nd degree black belt in tae kwon do. I love writing fanfiction :3 [I am momoxtoshiro on]. My username here is derived from the Japanese words "hanasaku" or 'to bloom' and "shijin" the word for 'poet', because I've written over 620 poems. Please feel free to message me about anything! I do hope you enjoy your stay!

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