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The Neglected Garden

Got to work And the lights were off which is weird cause we are never closed so I called my master and he said we were closed today and one of the students’ moms was also here so I told her to leave then my master was all LOL JK WE ARE OPEN BE THERE SOON and I was like SIR, MAKE UP YOUR MIND OMG

It’s Good Friday and there probably won’t be a lot of people at tae kwon do tonight but I can’t wait to go I just need to kick something inanimate and not feel guilty about it UGH.

Sparring tonight. I need to spar. I need to freaking just go all-out.


Weiss: “I’m telling you Ruby, something is going on between them!”

Ruby: *sighs exasperatedly* “Are you sure you’re not just imagining things Weiss?”

Weiss: “No! And I’m going to prove it to you. To everyone. This charade has gone on long enough!”

[Weiss bursts in through dorm room door]

Weiss: *points finger and shouts loudly* “HA! You two ARE having sex!”

[Yang and Blake look up from their books on the bottom bunk]

Yang: We are? *turns to wide eyed Blake* Blake, why didn’t you tell me? I would have put my book down.


And here are the lovely babies cuddling~


My kitten is actually Sakamoto-san


Kuro when we first got him VS Kuro 4 months later.


going through the tags of my son pREPARE FOR KITTY SPAM

Waaaaah Kuro no faaaair!

*kisses both of your cheeks*

hanasaku-shijin Asked:
Nah, it's fine. I just feel a bit miffed now..

My answer:


How could I ever feel upset after seeing Kuro’s adorable art and talking to Kuro the most adorable huggle-muffin on the face of the planet? Thank you, my darling!!! *huggles tightly*

[[I finished writing chapter 4 of Gold this morning and the week’s till I post the first chapter are winding down and I’m getting pumped so here’s a preview of chapter 4 cause why not]]: 

Quietly, Yang approached Weiss’s bed, giving a small nod to Ruby. Her sister went to Weiss’s side, supporting her shoulders and slowly helping slide the girl’s legs off the bed.

The white-haired girl passed a grateful look to each of the sisters as she pressed her bare feet to the floor, testing her weight a bit as Ruby tensely gripped her shoulders. Weiss’s legs wobbled slightly, and she stood slowly.

But evidently, it was still too quickly for her body to handle. A rush of motion instantly crashed over her, making her head throb, her stomach twisting with nausea. She slipped from Ruby’s grasp and fell forward, Yang only just barely managing to dart forward and catch her.

“Weiss-!” Ruby wailed. “Oh, god-”

[[Ahhaaa I’m still not sure how many more chapters it will be or what events will lead to the ending, but I have the ending planned at least!!]]


Drew some cuties in dresses.

Greetings, I am Hana, the Rose Writer, and I like warm hugs! I happily belong to ijamethings~ I'm 19 and love anime, I watch almost everything that airs each season (currently most obsessed with RWBY). I'm a 2nd degree black belt in tae kwon do. I love writing fanfiction :3 [I am momoxtoshiro on]. I also roleplay Weiss Schnee on a twitter account full of amazing people. My username here is derived from the Japanese words "hanasaku" or 'to bloom' and "shijin" the word for 'poet', because I've written over 620 poems. It seems a lot of you need someone to talk to, and if that's the case I'm your gal! Please feel free to message me about anything! I do hope you enjoy your stay!

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